Industry Sites


Industry site is a new and useful tool that we as the average consumer can conduct simple industry research. The information you will find on this site can benefit you in your everyday life. Many fascinating industry topics can be found here as well as job information and what’s hot in that industry.

For instance at the Industry Site, in the Fast Food industry you will find the origin of the French fry. The French fry is considered a staple in the fast food industry and is loved by children and adults. French fries account for over one-fourth of all potatoes sold in the United States. We as diners consume on the average of 20 pounds of French fries a year.

Industry Sites state the manufacturing industry; the need is for manufacturing engineers. These engineers work with new product innovations and assist in the creation and production of these new products. Engineers need to have strong communication skills, knowledge of manufacturing and must enjoy solving complex puzzles. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects the in the next few years the need for manufacturing engineers will be above the national average.

In the restaurant industry, what is the most lucrative career choice? Bartender. A good bartender can make between $100-$150 on weeknights and sometimes over $300 on the weekends. Customer service experience is helpful but not required. Bartending is demanding and they are required to keep the beer and liquor stocked, control the wait staff as well as serve the patrons sitting at the bar.

The Retail Industry is steadily growing and the demand for retail workers will grow along with it. Full and part-time jobs are available and retailing has one of the largest selections of job opportunities in today’s industries.

The Video Game Industry is also a rapidly growing profession in the entertainment field. Game design is the most popular job in this industry. Some game developers prefer their designers have a degree, others prefer artistic ability, drive and devotion to game designing.

Other industries mentioned and explained on this site are Credit Card industry, Airline industry, music industry and the Weight loss industry.